Information about the Project

The training and diagnosis of the components of the spatial ability is carried out with the help of 24 task groups. We provide six training and diagnostic task groups for each of the four subcomponents of spatial ability in two lengths:

- Short Diagnoses (SD): between 20 and 30 tasks per group (duration: 15 to 20 min)
- Extended Diagnoses (ED): between 40 and 60 tasks per group (duration: 30 to 45 min)

The following model of spatial ability serves as the scientific framework for the task groups. It describes four subcomponents of this facet of intelligence: Visualization (V), Spatial Relations (SR), Mental Rotation (MR), and Spatial Orientation (SO).
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With a click on the bottoms below you will find detailed information how to create an own class, how to activate and start a diagnosis, and how to get the class data (basic data and results).

Acknowledgement: Many thanks to Alexandra Dankl and Ann-Sophie Seyfried for your enormous help in regard to the English translation of the tasks.